Warming Mid Autumn Festival 2022
When the ocasion of Mid Autumn come, Sugame's office is filled with meaningful gifts and warm wishes, tightening the collegiality between all members

The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the traditional holidays in Vietnam, which is also an opportunity for family reunion. On this special day, Sugame family is filled with meaningful gifts and warm wishes that tighten friendships between each of Sugamers.

This 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival is on the 10th September, right from the end of August, Sugame had received many special gifts from both domestic and foreign partners. Besides, we also carefully prepared gifts with grateful attitude to all partners that has been accompanying Sugame during the development journey of our company.

Moreover, Sugame also prepared lovely mooncake boxes from Intercontinental Landmark 72 as a Moon season gift to each member of the company. The Sugame family gathered on this special Mid-Autumn Festival and had such a quality and memorable day together.

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