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With the desire to bring the most relaxing moments to users, we focus on developing simple puzzle games that can be easily play anytime, anywhere, suitlable for all ages
Suga Joint Stock Company
10th Floor, Suced Building, 108 Nguyen Hoang Street, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
Sugame Studio officially came to operation in 2016, then quickly became one of the most potential puzzle game companies in Vietnam
The year 2022 marks a breakthrough of Sugame's development when Blockpuz Game reached TOP 2 on Puzzle Game charts in Japan and continously remained top 10 for many months. In addition, dozens of Sugame products are available on Google Play and App Store. They have also achieved millions of downloads worldwide.
Sugame's goal is to become one of the leading puzzle game companies, prove our potiential and positon in all over the world. To quickly achieve this goals, beside long-term plan, talented employees, strong development strategy, we also need your support!
Sugame wants to bring joy, relaxation and happiness to users, spread positve values to anywhere in the world. We create simple but high quality products, constantly inovating and developing. We bring meaningful and enjoyable experience to users by simple puzzle games that can be easily play anytime, anywhere, suitable for all ages. Since then, Sugame will affirm the mission of a dynamic, creative and pioneering Vietnamese company in the field of mobile entertainment industry.
Core Value
core value
People are the most valuable resource. Sugame creates opportunities for all members to devote and develop. For Sugame, investing in human values ​​and company culture is investing in the sustainable development.
core value
Sugame has a grand passion at work. We always try our best to complete the highest-quality products, bring joy and relaxation to users.
core value
Every member is willing to share and support others not only in working but in life also. We work, learn, develop and get success altogether.
core value
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. –Helen Keller Sugame is a united team. We conquer the world together, and need your companion to grow stronger.
core value
Every member always has a professional attitude at work. From the smallest details, we always try our best to create the highest-quality products for users.
core value
With the long-term strategic vision of Sugame's leaders, we always strive to seize opportunities quickly, are ready to accept and conquer all challenges.
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10th floor, Suced Building, 108 Nguyen Hoang Street, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
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