Our Culture and People
Sugame creates an equal and open-minded working environment, where every employee is respected and has chance to develop. At Sugame, you will be able to perform your ability and passion, to have great colleagues who are by your side through all missions; then you can enjoy achievements that are well-deserved for your contributions.
Sugame's Culture
Sugame's Culture is formed from 6 aspects:
core value
core value
core value
core value
core value
core value
The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. –Phil Jackson Every member is willing to share and support others not only in working but in life also. We work, learn, develop and get success altogether.
Each member is encouraged to share opinions, research, provide data and solve problems. Sugame's leaders along with other members will always listen, support and we will find solutions to all the difficult problems together.
People are the most valuable resource. Therefore, Sugame aims to create favorable conditions for each member to develop full potential, encourage further learning and entrust with higher responsibilities, in accordance with the member's ability and experience.
A collaborative and effective team is the essential for success. Therefore, Sugame always creates conditions for each member to work in groups, the group's achivements are the results of each member. The contribution and cooperation of each member will create the strength of the whole Company.
Sugame's success depends on satisfying the reasonable interests of customers and employees. Every member always has a professional attitude at work. From the smallest details, we always try our best to create the highest-quality products for users.
Professionalism is demonstrated by strictly following the principles of management, ensuring excellent completion of assigned tasks. Professionalism also requires each member to effectively control personal emotions to listen and discuss, in order to solve problems at work according to the common goals of the Company.
People at Sugame
Characteristics that needed in a Sugamer:
office 1
Being enthusiastic and willingness to fight for successes
office 2
Being responsible for all asigned works
office 3
Eager to learn, explore and develop yourself
office 4
Friendly and socialble, get success together
office 5
Always support colleagues both in job and in life
office 6
Dare to face challenges
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